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Workers’ Compensation

Thousands of hardworking Oklahomans are injured at work every year. In many cases, these employees are owed workers’ compensation. If you or a loved one has been injured at work, then you could be owed compensation under Oklahoma law.

Under Workers’ compensation law, employers are required to uphold safe conditions at the jobsite at all times. When these safe conditions are not met, and an employee dies or becomes injured, then workers’ compensation is owed to the victim.

Here are just a few examples of workers’ compensation claims:

  • Illnesses, diseases, or medical conditions that result from prolonged exposure to a certain chemical or substance at a jobsite
  • Injury that occurs as a result of unsafe working conditions or the negligent actions of an employer or fellow employee
  • Pre-existing illnesses, diseases, and conditions that were exacerbated by workplace conditions
  • Injury that occurred during a company-sponsored event, like a party, picnic, or baseball game
  • Injury that occurred from performing some act required of you at work, like lifting heavy boxes
  • Injuries that occur from prolonged use of workplace equipment

Workers’ compensation can also be owed in unconventional situations. Although many people believe that workers’ compensation cannot be owed if the employee was breaking a workplace safety rule, this is not always the case. Workers’ compensation can also cover company events, pre-existing conditions, and other types of diseases and illnesses. As long as the workplace environment can be shown to have exacerbated a condition or directly cause it to develop, employees can be eligible for workers’ compensation.

If you or a loved one has been injured at a jobsite, then you could be owed workers’ compensation. To understand your legal rights under Oklahoma law, contact Joe Carson today. Joe Carson and his team of workers’ compensation experts can help you receive the maximum compensation owed. The team will collect evidence and find expert testimony to reinforce your workers’ compensation claim.

Being injured at work can be a devastating experience. Thanks to workers’ compensation law, employees in Oklahoma are guaranteed a certain amount of coverage after being injured at the jobsite. Contact Joe Carson today to ensure your case is handled with the fairness and honesty you deserve. With years of experience representing hardworking Oklahomans, Joe Carson has the expertise needed to represent any workers’ compensation case.

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