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I was in a car wreck and was injured and my car was totaled. I tried to deal with the person’s insurance who hit me. That was a nightmare; they wanted to give me $500 to just go away. Thankfully, I hired Joe Carson to represent me and he was able get the insurance company to settle for my car and I am thankful to say I walked away with my medical bills paid and money in my pocket. I would highly recommend to anyone that has been in a car accident or has a personal injury claim to contact Joe Carson, he is an excellent attorney.

I would highly recommend Joe Carson to anyone needing an attorney to represent them if they have been in an automobile accident. Joe Carson is an attorney who does what he says and is there for his clients. I was badly injured in an accident and the insurance would not work with me. Once I hired Joe Carson the insurance company changed their tune and eventually agreed to a fair settlement. Without Joe Carson’s help who knows what would have happened to me and my family.

Joe Carson is a great attorney and I would recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney. He is on your side and a great attorney. I slipped and fell at a store and was injured and incurred a lot of medical bills and lost wages. Thankfully once Joe Carson began representing me, I did not have to deal with the insurance company. My case ended up going to a jury trial and Joe Carson obtained a verdict in my favor. My medical bills were all paid and I walked away with money in my pocket. Anyone that wants an attorney that fights for his clients and puts them first, to contact Joe Carson, he’s an awesome, friendly, down to earth attorney. Thanks.

I came to you the other day with a problem. You told me exactly what to do and that I did not need a lawyer to achieve the results I desired. You did this without charging me. What a rare thing in this world. I owe you one. You are not only a great lawyer but a great friend.

I was in a Tractor-Trailer accident and was severely injured and missed a lot of work because of my injuries. The insurance company did not want to settle and even tried to say the accident was my fault. Once I hired Joe Carson, he took all the worry and burden off of my shoulders and dealt with the insurance company and their attorneys. My case was tried before a jury and Joe Carson got a verdict in my favor for over One million dollars!! Without him, I would have been lucky to even get my medical bills paid. I was able to walk away satisfied that I had gotten justice for being hurt by the negligence of another. I was very satisfied with Joe Carson’s representation of my case and would recommend him to my friends and family and anyone else out there who needs an attorney.

I had a premise liability case in which I was injured. It was a long process but he tried my case before a jury and obtained a verdict beyond my expectations. I am just thrilled with his representation. He is a great attorney who knows what he’s doing, puts his clients first and fights for them. If you, a friend or family member needs an attorney, have them call Joe Carson.

I was in an automobile accident, my car was totaled. My child and I were injured and incurred a lot of medical bills. I thought I could handle my claim myself and tried to settle with the insurance adjuster. The person who hit me was clearly at fault and received a number of citations. Our medical bills were in the thousands of dollars and the insurance adjuster told me we weren’t that injured and said I should accept $5,000 to settle and that was being generous. I was referred to Joe Carson by a friend who had used him and gotten great results, so I met with Mr. Carson and right then I knew he was an attorney who knew his business and would fight for me and my child and get us what we were due. I am here today so say that Joe Carson not only got a settlement that paid all my medical bills but put a fair amount in my pocket as well. Joe Carson was always there to answer my questions and he handled my case with honesty, integrity and fairness. Thanks Joe Carson.

My home was damaged during a summer storm and I wasn’t worried because I thought I had homeowners insurance and that they’ll take care of me and get my home repaired. Boy was I wrong, insurance companies are out to get you. They would only agree to pay for part of the damages, it was a nightmare. I had to pay out of my own pocket to have my home repaired to pre-storm condition. I hired Joe Carson to represent me. He sued my insurance company and he not only got me my money back that I was out but extra as well. Thanks for your help Joe Carson you are truly a great attorney and I don’t know what I would have done without all your help.

I was in an accident and had to hire and attorney because the insurance company would not deal fairly with me. The attorney I hired was dragging his feet, not taking my calls and frankly did nothing to help me. I was referred to Joe Carson by a family member. I fired my first attorney, hired Joe Carson and I stand here today to say he is great attorney who communicates and gets things done for his clients! Thanks Joe.

Our family cannot thank you enough for all of your tireless work. We know you are busy and have many other clients, but you always made us and our case a priority. That, in turn, made us feel important. Words alone are not enough to express our gratitude.

Thanks for taking the time to give me proper legal advice. Your honesty told me that you are a man of integrity and character. If I, my family, or friends ever need an attorney, I’m calling you! Take care.

We know it was a long hard run but your efforts paid off at trial. Your passion as a trial lawyer as well as your passion for your clients and your cases shined through from the start. Thanks again for getting us a great result. You’re an awesome trial lawyer.

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