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Dangerous E-Cigarette Overheating Issue?

VapsCigs e-cigarette was tied to a fire and explosion after the e-cigarette battery began to overheat while charging in a vehicle. Jennifer Ries and her husband, Xavier, were on their way to Los Angeles International Airport for a volunteer trip to South America when the e-cigarette exploded in the vehicle leaving Ries with second-degree burns on her legs.

Ries is still visiting doctors while a product liability lawsuit has been issued against Zolgdahr, the retailer of this particular e-cigarette. Supposedly the FDA is still researching these types of cigarettes and has not approved regulations for them, making them potentially hazardous.

Consumers using e-cigarettes or other electronic smoking devices need to be careful with the products they are using. In cases similar to that of Ries, consumers need to contact a personal injury lawyer if they have been hurt due to a defective product.

Currently, Joe Carson, an OKC personal injury lawyer, specializes in product liability lawsuits and wants to help you with your case if you’ve been hurt. For a free case review, please call 405-397-1717.

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