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Boating Accidents

Boating can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. When any type of boating accident occurs, the victim may be eligible for complete coverage of medical costs and other expenses under boating accident law. In many cases, boating accidents occur because of the negligent acts of others. Determining where these negligent acts occurred – and who is responsible for them – can lead to compensation.

Every year, nearly 8,000 people are injured while boating in the United States. A further 800 people are killed as the result of a boating accident. Boating accidents range from recreational activities like waterskiing to accidents involving sightseeing tours. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a boating accident, then you might be owed compensation under Oklahoma injury law.

Boating accident compensation can cover any expenses related to the injury, including:

  • Pain and suffering resulting from injuries suffered
  • Medical expenses
  • Coverage for past and future earnings
  • Coverage for property loss
  • Coverage for the loss of enjoyment of life

If you’re ready to accept compensation for any of these expenses, then boat accident lawyers like Joe Carson can help. Joe Carson works with a team of accident experts to assess faults and liabilities. This team will collect photographs, obtain expert testimony, and secure witness statements surrounding the boating accident.

Boating accidents can occur in a number of different types of situations. A recreational boat might overturn during use, for example, or a sightseeing boat might experience severe mechanical failure. In many cases, boating accidents can occur as a result of irresponsible drinking while operating a boat. Or, untrained boat crew and operators may be unable to safely operate a boat in any type of water. If these boating accidents are deemed to occur as the result of the negligent activities of another individual, then Joe Carson can help.

Joe Carson has successfully represented many cases involving boating accidents and personal injury law in general. Over his years of service in the Oklahoma area, Joe Carson has helped secure justice and compensation to those who are owed it under Oklahoma law. Joe Carson has the experience needed to handle any type of personal injury case.

Whether you or a loved one has been involved in a boating accident, it’s important to act fast to protect your legal rights. Contact Joe Carson today to begin seeking compensation.

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