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Joe Carson practices law right where he grew up. Born and raised in the Metro area, Joe maintains his practice as a partner at the Homsey Law Center in Oklahoma City. His service is devoted to helping his ...

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Joe Carson covers everything from auto and truck accidents to construction injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or by a product, contact Joe today. Read more about his areas of practice ...

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BMW Joins Car Manufacturers in Recall Efforts

This week, BMW announced a recall of several early 2000 model year vehicles due to an issue with front passenger airbags. Upon deployment, excessive pressure within the airbag could cause rupturing and displacement of metal fragments, which could strike and seriously injury the passenger. BMW… Read More


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Exercise bands are popular among many households as they offer an effective exercise alternative to expensive gym memberships and the need to purchase heavy weight equipment. However, the design of some exercise bands is under question. Bollinger Fitness has recalled some fitness bands due to… Read More

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Stay Away from Spray Sunscreen

This summer, be weary of spray sunscreen. In 2011, the FDA announced an investigation of spray sunscreen products, but a verdict has yet to be released. However, Consumer Reports issued a warning regarding spray sunscreen and its use especially on children. Parents are encouraged not… Read More